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Pointes Mothers Swap 'stuff' As Online Swap Sites Grow | The Detroit News

Detroit News PhotoStore The page today has over 1,500 members, spawning associated groups including a book club and a spot to purchase plus market nearly anything. Want a Coach purse or Louis Vuitton baby bag? Perhaps a pair of fresh Tory Burch boots with all the tags nevertheless on? Imagine any kind of high-end goodie, plus odds are somebody is marketing it on the GP Moms site.
pizza oven http://www.detroitnews.com/article/20140906/BIZ/309060016/-1/rss12

Drain Drones plus Hydro-Saws: A Sewer Tour of LA's Underground Tech

Drain Drones plus Hydro-Saws: A Sewer Tour of LA And now these techniques have become standard at sewer yards over the county, that has led to a reduction in spills total. [DID LA LEAD THE CHARGE ON THIS?] The all-seeing eye of the sewer is because valuable because he is cute. "Back inside your day, you used to take a lamp, put it down a manhole plus spider down the alternative side and look up there to find when we could see the lamp to figure out what was in there," claims Carlson, shaking his head. Now, with all the rotating, articulating lens of this camera, they can zoom and focus anywhere in the pipe, selecting up details as tiny as flies. Or, as is much more usually the case, someone's abandoned dentures. Carlson has many nicknames for his gadgetsmany are TMNT-inspiredbut he calls this 1 Ed Norton.
restaurant equipment http://gizmodo.com/drain-drones-and-hydro-saws-a-sewer-tour-of-las-underg-1610449340

Groupon Offers Chance for Meet-and-Greet with Chicken Coupe Host Whoopi Goldberg at Food Network New York City Wine & Food Festival - Yahoo Finance

Approximate ARV of all prizes: $4,900.00. Subject to full Official Rules [allow link]. Sponsor: Groupon, Inc., 600 West Chicago Avenue, Ste. 400, Chicago, IL 60654. 400, Chicago, IL 60654.
cutlery http://finance.yahoo.com/news/groupon-offers-chance-meet-greet-134800414.html

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