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Simple Fruit Turnovers With The Prepared Pantry #sponsored #giveaway - Mommies With Cents

Youll really make a big mess like I did! Instead, utilize 1 T. of every. Lay the dough round over the dough press, add the filling to the center then brush a bit of water around the edge of the the round to help it seal. Fold the dough click in half and squeeze to seal the edges. If you forget to incorporate water to the edge to seal, the dough can get a small stuck in the click. You can see the method the upper left turnover looks in the picture below as a result of this mistake!
kitchen utensil http://www.mommieswithcents.com/2014/09/easy-fruit-turnovers-prepared-pantry-sponsored-giveaway.html

Housewife about a Mission: Organize The Canned Food Easily with CanOrganizer | Giveaway

Cans inside specific could be complicated. If you never have them stacked just right, they may fall right from your cabinet and maybe right onto you! What about finding expired cans of food considering they were buried inside the pantry and we didn't even learn it was there? Well, I'm happy to tell you which I have the most wonderful solution for we! CanOrganizer is an affordable and simple to use could organizer that may have the cans in your food pantry and cabinets organized in no time!
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